Programs Making Programs for Non-Programmers

Every time someone makes a programming tool for people who can’t program, you get programs written by people who can’t program.
Scott Bellware

I’m currently finishing my Bachelor’s degree online. I am studying Management Information Systems and Business Analytics. Like most MIS or CIS programs, my degree requires a programming class or two.

I’m taking an intro level Visual Basic programming course, but I am frustrated with the format. Essentially, the class is teaching students how to make Visual Studio write code for them. It’s annoying because none of the students are learning programming; they are learning how to navigate Visual Studio.

I know students at two universities other than my own have taken almost identical classes. That is frustrating because these individuals will work in IT and business roles. They believe that they have some level of proficiency with Visual Basic, but they don’t know how to write any code themselves.

Tools and automation have their place, but every layer of automation is a degree of separation between the engineer and the machine. Being an engineer means understanding the inner workings of your projects rather than plug-and-play automation tools.