Owning Rails - First Impressions

Today I shelled out $300 to take Marc-André Cournoyer’s Owning Rails course. I love taking courses online, but this is the most I’ve ever paid for a class (excluding college courses). So, I’m going to document my experience.

The course is in 8 sections labeled: Introduction, ActiveRecord, ActiveSupport, Railties, ActionController, Act...
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Geniuses Remove Complexity

“Fools ignore complexity. Pragmatists suffer it. Some can avoid it. Geniuses remove it.”
Alan Perlis

Most people believe that programming is inherently complicated. In fact, the vast majority of people I’ve spoken to about programming tell me that they aren’t smart enough to be a programmer due to th...
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Adaptability and Efficiency

Asking for efficiency and adaptability in the same program is like asking for a beautiful and modest wife. Although beauty and modesty have been known to occur in the same woman, we’ll probably have to settle for one or the other. At least that’s better than neither.
Gerald Weinberg

Disclaimer: I hav...
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Low-level Code is Good for You

Low-level programming is good for the programmer’s soul.
John Carmack

I am a self-taught software engineer; I didn’t take any classes that discussed Big O Complexity and it wasn’t until after I had written some web apps that I learned how a compiler worked. As a result, frequently I feel out of my el...
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Know When to Optimize

If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t matter how fast it doesn’t work.
Mich Ravera

Software engineers are really good at optimization. It’s something that most of us really enjoy, it feels like solving a puzzle. Unfortunately, it’s not totally uncommon for people to begin optimizing code that doesn’t exist....
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